Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have bricks!

The bricks have been my only hiccup with this build so far - and if this is all I have to put up with - than I will stay a happy camper.

I received a phone call from Porter Davis to say that Austral were not happy with the quality of the bricks that I had selected, and it would be up to 2 months before a new batch was ready.  I had two choices......wait, or reselect.

with the help of some fellow Saltwater Coasters I was able to determine some bricks that I loved and quickly changed to Homestead Tan.  Ok - I also hd to pay an additional $500 or so - as they were one category higher - but I was very happy.

Only problem was, that because of the one week delay this caesed - we lost the brickies.....but one more week and the bricks arrived, the next did the brickies.  The even worked on a Saturday to catch up - so I was very pleased.

This is a from 28th August - I can't have to wait until this weekend to see how much more progress they have made.

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