Thursday, September 22, 2011


Quickly popped down to the site last night and found these!!!

This is probabaly the most excited I have been so far!  The kitchen has such a huge impact on a house and I had become increasingly nervous about the colour selections I had made way back in December last year!!

I am over the moon - it all looks fabulous, and I am not even more excited about my butlers pantry than I was before.

I also met my SS at the site on Tuesday and although we have had a few small delays he thinks we are on track now.  He also said he was happy for me to get my timber floors and carpet in prior to handover - which is fabulous news (I'm doing these myself to save money on having timber throughout).  I thought PD would be tough on having my own tradies on site - but apparently no probelm!!


  1. Wow Belinda, it's coming along really nice. I can't wait till we have the walls up also to get a better feel of the home. Great news that your SS will allow you to do the flooring before handover. We wanted to do the same with our timber flooring and carpet but our administrator said we aren't allowed and have to do it after handover. Hearing your good news we will ask our SS, who is really nice and friendly, to see if we can do the same.


  2. Looking good :-)
    Love your kitchen & vanity :-)
    Good feeling with kitchen going in.

  3. Thanks both!

    eli-kay - I thought the same thing but SS volunteered that idea himself - i didn;t even have to ask - fingers crossed you can do the same!!