Monday, July 11, 2011

In August last year I decided to make a change and sell my home. There was nothing at all wrong with my home – so why sell? Good question!

I needed new rooms to decorate! I needed a change!

You see, by day I work in Superannuation – the Finance Industry….but deep inside I know I’m really an Interior Decorator (or at least wish I was). I have always loved decorating my rooms – even when I was young I would move my furniture around every week - I must have driven my poor parents mad.

The first thing I did was enrol in an interior design course – I hoped this might settle me a bit (even if I had already finished with every room in my house – some of the several times over). It did – for about 5 minutes.

After visiting display homes just for fun (um, to steal design tips) I realised – I wanted one! Specifically I wanted a Butlers Pantry, a Walk in Robe and a Laundry (I had a laundry in a cupboard in the old house).

That’s was it, my mind was made up – there was no stopping me. I had to find land!

After a lot of searching (I won’t bore you with the details) I ended up falling in love with Saltwater Coast in Point Cook…… I just had to put my house on the market.

And I did – and I sold it within 2 weeks for WAY over what I thought I would get for it. (If you are every thinking of selling I highly recommend Ian Reid Vendor Advocacy – it’s free and awesome!)

I had a 120 settlement – now it was time to buy that land and choose a new house.

Land was easy – just hand over the deposit – then wait………

The house – well my goodness, I think I visited every single display home in Victoria (well almost!).

I’d purchased a narrow lock (14m wide) so the only thing I really wanted to make sure of was that the Alfresco was at the rear of the house – to make use of the space at the back of the block – this proved to be a huge challenge!

After a lot of searching, and changing my mind several times, I finally decided on the Jasper 29 by Porter Davis, and handed over my $1000 deposit.

And then it began………

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